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Delicate, dreamy and surreal collages and photographs on sheets of white paper hang on a bare white wall with barely there pins and simple black paperclips. In the collages, petals have legs of a rabbit, a young girl is dressed in black mountains, a crow becomes a man, and deep shadows fall onto faded walls. "Vele visies op een plots verdwenen meisje", says a newspaper title next to the collages – "Many visions of a missing girl."

In Saskia Overzee’s images, darkness becomes layered with memories, vanishing moments and presence of the inevitable, the death. Melancholy surrounds the poesy of dead animals and the delicacy of newborn petals. Photographs melt into drawings and paintings to become collages.
Even though painting with physical paints has been in minor role during the recent years, Overzee paints digitally with photography and collage, and combines and contradicts the images with words for another layer and support for the image. For her, words were and are an inspiration to rely on, even though the text is never a starting point. 

The early words have been archived into a white box with hundreds of yellowish white archive cards handwritten in Dutch, a quote per card. “It’s difficult to lie if you don’t know the truth” – “Butterflies keep memories of the time they were caterpillars.” – “Why do blue whales wash ashore?”   The words are collected from newspapers, science magazines, poetry and books.

“There is no life without a story” is a quote she found over 30 years ago and has carried with her since.
Text: Heini Lehtinen

size 210 x 260 mm
pages 82
limited printrun 100
binding hardcover