Even though painting was my first love, photography is often the base of my work today. Inspired by Paul de Nooijers’ lessons at the school of arts I developed a great passion for photography. The photograph (both analog and digital) is and has always been the start of a creative process, instead of the end. Both taken and found photographs are combined or made into collages. Various subjects recur in my work, but very often nature is close by. I take reality and disguise truths and add dreams to create beauty.
Words and quotes are added in combination or as contradiction to the images as an extra layer. Those layers are the essence of my work.

I want to zoom into details and find the beauty in reality. There is too much truth and too little dream. With photography you only see small pieces of the world through the lens. The idea is that photography is the framing of a part of a particular moment in a particular way.

By the name SAM-MAKING-BOOKS Amanda Butterworth (graphic design) and Saskia Overzee (visual artist) selfpublished two books in the last couple of years. The second edition (English version) of their first book, Collective memory, had a printrun of 250 is sold out.

Meanwhile the search broadens....