Observe a Fishtank

All works are made with liquid acrylics, ink, pen, pencil and crayon on heavy paper.
Some of the originals will also be available as high-quality (signed) art prints.

Sizes prints:
A4               22.00 euro 
A3               35.00 euro
A2               64.00 euro
50x70 cm    95.00 euro

Packed and shipped in a protective cardboard tube.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Observe a Fishtank is the second of five drawing lessons by Paul Klee. Under this title I create drawings.
On a regular base I work in collaboration with Manja Eland.  

The collaboration started in 2018. When drawing on the same piece of paper we respond to each other’s input in texture and line, not shying away from working over what the other has drawn. We prefer work to be layered and complex, maybe even with a little friction.